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Escape on the world stage

Last weekend, one of our clients was on the global stage.

Scotland’s first Escape room company was chosen to build the challenge for this year’s Red Bull Escape Room World Championship which was held in the UK.

Escape, which was founded in Scotland and has expanded from just one room in Edinburgh to over 200 rooms across the world, performed a key role in the flagship global event in London.

The best teams from 23 countries gathered to compete for the world title. In front of thousands of fans and a huge online audience, Slovakia won the crown.

The Escape model has become a global phenomenon where players must work together to escape from a room. They must find their way out by solving a series of clues and puzzles.

Escape first opened in Edinburgh in 2014 and now employs around 150 workers in the UK, while more than 300,000 customers have visited its rooms.

Escape founder Daniel Hill said:
“Escape games continue to soar in popularity and after Edinburgh played such a pivotal role in the global phenomenon, it’s fantastic that the world championship was held in the UK.
“It was a privilege to be asked to build the unique escape room, which was tackled by the best players from every corner of the world.
“For a company that started with just one room in Edinburgh in 2014, with no idea whether anyone would even knock on the door to play, it’s incredible that we now find ourselves on the global stage.
“This was a unique opportunity to put Scotland’s role in the escape phenomenon on the map.”

Escape is an international escape room company, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with over 200 rooms operating across the world. Its trading name is Team Building and Things To Do Limited.

It was the first escape room operator to open in Scotland, launching in May 2014 at St Colme Street, Edinburgh. A second branch of Escape was opened in Glasgow later in 2014 and the first themed game, the Da Vinci Room, also opened in Edinburgh the same year.

Escape then expanded across the UK and the globe. Today, there are rooms in most UK cities and major towns, as well as locations in Ireland, France, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

More details on Escape can be found here:

Watch a video from the World Championships:

Red Bull Escape Room World Championships

What an amazing weekend!Escape celebrated turning 5 at the weekend by building and operating the Escape Room World Championships with Red Bull.A little video attached below and if you want to see any more information on the fantastic even head over to @Red Bull Mind GamersThe most exciting thing though is we are going to open the World Championship rooms to the public int he near future…. do you think you can beat Slovakia?

Posted by Escape on Tuesday, April 16, 2019